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Commercial insurance: an essential product for any SME

There are more than 240,000 SMEs in Quebec, ranking Belle Province second in the number of entrepreneurs in Canada. However, among all these determined business people, few really take the time to properly manage their insurance.


To purchase insurance that will meet your needs, trust a certified broker who will analyze all aspects of your business and accurately measure risks. Do business with a certified M2 Insurance broker.


A highly specialized product

Commercial insurance uses customized contracts, based on your business and the risks it involves. A plumber, for example, must be able to rely on foolproof protection against the risk of water damage. That’s why a qualified broker, well aware of your needs, has a role to play at all stages of your development. Your broker must be part of the team that advises you and in whom you will have absolute confidence.


A often overlooked component of entrepreneurs

What will happen if a customer slips and is injured in your production room? If a major power outage forces you to destroy your entire inventory? If a hacker enters your servers and you have to interrupt your activities for several days? With good business insurance, all these questions will be answered in a few hours thanks to your broker.


Find the rare pearl

Before you look for the best price and settle the insurance issue with three mouse clicks, start by finding the right broker. At M2 Insurance, our expert brokers can establish an insurance strategy that can be adapted as your business grows. Before offering you prices or a contract, they will make sure they know your business and the risks associated with it, in order to offer you a product that will offer you the best protection and optimal value for money.

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Transparency and openness: essential

When you think about it, taking out insurance means entrusting the risks you face to another company, which will cover them for a fee – that’s the premium you pay. For a good relationship of trust to develop between you and your broker, transparency and openness are essential. Are you opening a new branch? Do you buy additional machinery? Are you distributing a new range of products? Inform your broker, as you would for other business partners. Your M2 Assurances broker is therefore an essential partner in your success.