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Transport insurance for companies is also within our reach!

We do not insure a fleet of trucks as we would for a passenger vehicle. For companies, vehicles are often a valuable asset for which the slightest loss can lead to significant operating losses. The same goes for their content! For companies in the transport sector, good insurance can really make a difference. Ask your broker for information on how to protect yourself from all the risks associated with transportation.


Transport insurance: a highly personalized field

Imagine that you lose an entire cargo belonging to one of your customers in an accident. Without good insurance, you risk serious problems. If your company specializes in the transportation of waste or hazardous materials, you are at even greater risk: you also need good liability insurance and insurance for legal fees.


To do this, there is a protection formula commonly referred to as the “three-headed police”. It is a contract that covers three aspects, hence its name. This type of contract covers tractors and trailers (i.e. the vehicle), transported goods (direct damage) and also offers general liability insurance.


Additional products

In addition to insurance for your trucks and their contents, you must provide legal expenses insurance, coverage for commercial buildings and sureties, and liability insurance for your drivers, officers and directors of the company, if applicable.


Ask your M2 Insurance broker to advise you on the best coverage for your industry and needs. After familiarizing himself with your business and your company, the broker can draw up a profile of the risks awaiting you and from there, he can advise you on the best coverage to adopt. In this way, you will be insured to a fair extent for the concrete risks that are yours.

For example, you can take out insurance for goods in transit if you transport the goods of third parties, take out riders for the transport of very valuable goods (works of art, for example) or legal liability insurance for carriers or transport brokers. Your broker may also offer you insurance for your warehouses or offices, your garage or your vehicle maintenance centre. Talk to your M2 Insurance broker: you will quickly find that almost everything can be insured when it comes to transportation.

We offer our services for:

Insurance for vehicle fleets
Insurance for valet parking 1 to 9 trucks
Start-up companies
Transportation Brokers
Customs bonds


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